Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Presidential options (or lack there of...)

  I've purposefully not posted much on politics because quite frankly I'm sick of it.  The American political system has left me jaded as a voter.  It seems like every election year, the candidates with good ides that I actually support are always the first to drops out, leaving me with the quandary of "choosing the lesser of 2 evils...".  This is a huge problem because the lesser of 2 evils; by definition, is still evil.

First let's look at the Democratic Party.  Hillary and Bernie were the 2 main candidates.  Hillary is probably the most corrupt candidate we have ever had.  In a normal election period, she wouldn't stand a chance.  However in this field, she is actually the odds on favorite to win.  Between the Bengazi fiasco, her unsecured emails, donations to her "Clinton foundation", and her constant flip flopping on issues, I don't think I can see myself voting for her.  Bernie had a surprising strong showing early on and still seems to have a ton of support.  His socialist ideas though wouldn't work here.  There's no way he would be able to convince Congress as President to pass any of his crazy ideas.  I do think he is an honest person though, just misguided.  European style socialist programs do have their upsides, I just personally can't see myself voting for a socialist.

Now on to the quagmire that is the Republican Party.  I counted a total of 12 candidates. (There were more that dropped out before the primaries)  Through some crazy happenstance, Trump looks to be the nominee.  Yeah, I know. WTF?  Cruz was the other strong contender.  Even though he's from Texas, I never liked him.  I know all politicians are dishonest to a certain extent but he seems slimier than most.  That and I did not like it when he and some other GOP members shutdown the government in protest of raising the debt ceiling.

So yeah, looks like no matter what, we're screwed.  I could see myself voting 3rd party again as I did last election.  Gary Johnson is running for the libertarian party again and I voted for him last time.  I like his ideals the most but I know realistically he has no chance of winning.  America is a 2 party system and probably always will be.

The main event looks like it will be Hillary vs Trump.  Trump is the populist candidate , but he is purposefully vague on any actual plans he has.  He's the big wildcard.  He used to be very liberal and most of his positions in the past are in direct contrast with what the GOP platform is.  He claims that he is a conservative now, but can he be trusted?  Can Hillary be trusted?

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