Thursday, November 28, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Have not updated in quite awhile.

Lots going on in my life. Looking for a new job has kept me busy. Though that is probably on hold until next year, nobody hiring for the last few months of 2019 it seems.

I've experimented with going sober for an extended time and it has gone well. I've come to the conclusion that I am "thankfully" not an alcoholic. I just need to control my spending. Keeping less credit cards on me in my wallet so I don't buy dumb shit while drunk. I will be drinking less also but won't stop all together. I need to re-commit myself to my health for 2020. Ideally would like to drop around 50-75 pounds which will not be easy.

I've also realized that I have been holding myself to a higher standard. Which is good but I have always been my worst critic and a bit of a perfectionist. I've been getting better at forgiving myself which is a huge improvement. I would spiral for days after a bad purchase and not want to leave my apartment. But this has been going better.

Still as single as a slice of cheese though but hopefully that will change shortly. I know that to have a relationship with someone I have to first love myself which I have not been doing. I'm learning to love myself more and grow my relationship with God. I have a lot of improvement that I need to do in the next few years. Wish me luck.

And of course, Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Friday, May 10, 2019


I've been doing more listening than talking lately and its been a blessing. As divided as we are politically, we all really are much closer than we think.

Don't let the haters out there rule your world. Be open and show compassion to your fellow man.

Just some self reflection I've been thinking about lately.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Been a while

I am still alive!!

I know it's been a hard minute since I've last updated. Been way too long.

I've been getting better at the guitar. Good enough to be able to play rhythm chords to some songs. I love my electric but there's just something about an acoustic that I really dig.

Work is up and down. I really need to build my resume and move on. There's no promotion chance for me at work. I need to spread my wings and fly.

There will be a follow up post soon.