Thursday, August 5, 2010


Colbert has done it again!

He ripped another right wing conservative nut job to shreds on his own show without them even realizing it! The other day, Colbert had Fox News Commentator and Best Selling Author Laura Ingraham on his show where he talked about her new book that is currently #1 on the NY Times best sellers list. The book is called the "Obama Diaries" and he goes on to rip her writing has racist and hackneyed but in a subtle way. When she tries to turn the tables on him about the remark he made about her calling her "Ichabod Crane's banshee widow", he refutes it by saying that Ichabod Crane is the hero of the story, and a banshee warns people when a loved one might be dying. So all in all it was a compliment. Brilliant!

The link to the video is here.

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