Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Birth Certificate

Well, well. Finally it seems birthers have no argument anymore, though some are just crazy enough to still not believe it's real.  The President has released the "long-from" of his birth certificate.

The whole situation seems ridiculous to me. That we can have a sitting US President and have people question his country of birth and whether or not he is legitimate.  Obama released a "Certificate of live birth" which is the "short-form" of the document in 2008 while he was running for president. This document is accepted everywhere as a legal document yet a small movement in the country decided they were unswayed by this.  They wanted to see the "real thing" (in their minds) and until then would not believe that he was president.

Now I do not know why Obama and his campaign did not release this "long-form" document back in 2008 but for whatever reason they decided not to.  I guess they figured since the certificate of live birth was a legally accepted document, there wouldn't be any problem.  But even after the birther movement grew, they hemmed and hawed trying to avoid the subject until finally the movement reached new heights when Donald Trump decided to add his weight behind it.  So I do not fully absolve Obama here in not releasing this form sooner to avoid all of this ridiculous BS.  But really, it is BS.

Obama is right when he calls the birthers "carnival barkers", and notes there are much more serious topics to discuss and debate then whether or not he was born in this country.  Hopefully we can all now move past this silliness and start talking about the issues that face us day to day. Medicare, the economy, jobs, and the military action in Afghanistan and Libya for instance well merit discussion and debate.

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