Monday, December 10, 2012

The Election

     So I managed to miss the whole campaign season on my blog which was originally supposed to be a politics only blog but has morphed more into a "whatever I want to post about" blog.  How did this happen?

     Well I moved into a new place in March, one of my best friends got married in June, work was pretty busy around July. Went on a short vacation with family in August, suffered a few personal problems when I got back that I won't discuss here.  And then of course Borderlands 2, then Black Ops 2 came out so I was gaming a lot.  OK, enough about me and now about the election.

     This was one of the dirtiest most hateful elections I have ever seen.  Both sides sought to demonize the other side based on half-truths and sometimes straight out lies.  There was even a debate where Romney tersely talked over the president (and basically told him to shut up) while trying to drive home a point.  This is the President of the US! Show him some respect atleast!

     With all that being said I was on the fence about who to vote for.  I slowly started to believe in Romney.  The economy is still bad, maybe a businessman would be better at running the country.  Then that whole incident in Libya with our diplomat being killed.  I ended up getting less and less enthusiastic about voting for Obama and even looked at a few third party candidates that I might vote for.  Ultimately, I did still end up voting for Obama.  Time will tell if he and Congress can get their shit together and fix this country.  I am hoping that we don't go over this "fiscal cliff" in January and that they can come to a deal.  Both sides most compromise for the good of this country.  God bless the USA.

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