Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Latest

I've been needing to update my blog for awhile.  A lot has happened since the last update.  I'll try to recap quickly below.

I started a 4 week pre-planned meal weight loss program using personaltrainerfood.com.  The food was great and I actually enjoyed not having to go to the store or deciding what I needed to eat, since I had all the food I needed delivered at home.  It wasn't easy at first due to the small portion size but my body adjusted after a week.  I managed to lose 15 pounds over the 4 week diet period and so far have been pretty successful in keeping it off.  I only gained 3 pounds back.

I also was able to cross another resolution off of my list in reading more.  I re-read the Hobbit on the plane ride to Vegas and back for Eddie's bachelor party in January.  I've also started to re-read the Game of Thrones series because I have really gotten into the HBO series.

Those are the positives.  In March I had a down mood swing and made some irresponsible decisions.  I won't go into detail about it here but if you really want to know you can ask me in person.  I overspent in March and I'm currently trying to adjust and re-balance my finances using mint.com which is a great financial tool to use to budget with.

My mood had improved somewhat since then, and being around friends on the weekends has helped.  Work has really picked up in April and I've had added stress that I have had to deal with.  I've worked from home the last 2 weekends and sometimes during the week I will have to get on from home after work and complete a request.

I think the added stress has contributed to me drinking more which isn't good.  I've been drinking too much on the weekend and spending too much at bars.  I need to find new ways to relax and unwind on the weekends that don't involve alcohol.

I'm starting to get really tired of the normal flow of the week, getting stressed out, weekend comes and all I do is go somewhere to drink.  I need to break the cycle and find new ways to enjoy myself.

I am feeling better though than last month so I think I'm starting to turn it around.

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