Friday, April 17, 2015

New update finally

Finally decided to post a new blog. Here I am, sitting at my favorite bar and I just got an itch to write. 

Lots of things have happened since my last post. I feel that I've grown in a lot of ways. I realize now that people, even longtime friends you care about, will let you down. I've also learned that I've overreacted to some things in the past. I know I'm being vague here but I'm not quite ready to publicly talk about it. If you ask me privately I would probably share. 

I think I've finally moved past the worst part of the grieving process for my brother. I was really hard on myself for a lot of things that I didn't do for him but I've finally accepted it. I still think about him a lot and I miss him. I know that he's in a better place. I also realize that it was God's plan, even if I can't understand it. 

My office has moved from Park 10 to a place off Harwin and it's a pretty big change.  The upside is there's a lot of great places to eat nearby, but the building and surrounding area is much worse.  I'm still getting used to it but things seem to be improving.

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