Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Racial tensions in Baltimore and Police brutality

It's taken me awhile to properly gather my thoughts on this whole mess.  I didn't want to seem to rash in my judgement but I also feel its too important to be ignored by someone such as myself who occasionally blog about politics and current events.

First off, I think most of us can agree that America is still dealing with racial issues.  Although as a society we have become more progressive, there is still a vocal minority among us that carry the same prejudices as some of our past citizens when it comes to race.  The issue of racial profiling by police is not new.  I would say its pretty widespread.  Obviously as a white male, I feel somewhat limited in what I can say on the matter as I personally haven't been affected.  I can only comment on what I observe.

The issue in Baltimore of the death of Freddie Gray in police custody is a complicated one.  On the surface it looks to be clearly the fault of the arresting officers.  Why wasn't he strapped in a seat belt?  Why was he cuffed?  I still haven't heard exactly what the crime was that he was charged with other than resisting arrest.  The community's reaction, terrible as it was, can certainly be seen as just in their eyes.  Yet another death of an unarmed black man by police.  The people want answers and justifiably so.

There are just as many questions on what was going through Freddie Grey's mind during the time he was in the vehicle.  Was he on drugs?  Was he willfully throwing himself against the walls?  Did the other prisoner in the vehicle cause an altercation?  I feel like the answers to these and other questions will eventually come out but we must not be too quick in judgement.  I know that's easier said then done.

My thoughts and prayers are with Freddie Gray's family and the Baltimore community as a whole.  I am hoping some good can come from all of this and that they can heal as a community.

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