Wednesday, June 7, 2023

June update

      So about a little over a month has gone by since my last post and I wanted to post an update.

      I feel that I have been improving slightly on my day-to-day mood.  I've met a great girl and I have gone out with her 3 times.  I'm willing to work with her schedule as she is a single mother.  And although we have differences there are many similarities between us.  I like the fact that she is a strong mother and the fact that she is a Christian.  

     I'm trying to get over the shyness that I've pretty much always struggled with on dates.  Many times, I feel like I'm not being myself and that I'm just playing a role which is wrong.  I'm hoping that the more times we talk and hang out, the more comfortable I will become.  I've always been a quiet person and many times I struggle having a conversation with someone.  I will admit though that on the few times I have gone out with her I have been feeling more and more comfortable each time.  So I am hoping that I will get better at talking and sharing with her and not be afraid of revealing the type of person that I am.

  As I have said before, my faith is very important to me.  I am not always the best in keeping with going to church regularly but I try to pray each night and ask God for help as I try to improve different areas of my life.  Nobody is perfect and living is not always easy, but I do feel I am making some progress and that is heartening.

     I have been cooking more at home and enjoying it.  I used to dread all the extra cleanup that was required when I cook but now, I just suck it up and do it.  I still have days where I order out for dinner because it's easier, but I've enjoyed finding new recipes online and trying to grow my culinary expertise.

    With the weather getting hotter outside I haven't been walking at the park as much.  I need to use my exercise bike more at home so that I'm able to get more activity in.  Many nights after work I feel glued to the couch.  Part of the problem is that I have low Testosterone and I had been skipping the weekly shots I'm supposed to be taking.  For the last 3 weeks though I have kept up with them.  Daily exercise I am realizing is more and more important the older I get.  Even if its just walking around my house.  Exercise helps combat brain fogginess (which I have suffered) and depression so not only are there physical benefits, there are mental benefits as well.

Thanks everyone for reading and here's to a good summer for all of us.

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