Thursday, May 27, 2010

FOX News leading the way......

Ah FOX News. Fair and balanced indeed. How you cease to amaze me in your BIASED news coverage.

The latest being covering President Obama's commencement speech he gave at West Point. For those that haven't seen the video, there is a point in the speech where Obama praises the military for its resolve in Iraq and Afghanistan and the camera cuts to the crowd as they applaud. That is what actually happened. FOX decides to cut the applause from their broadcast to make the President's speech seem less favorable to the military as it shows him just standing there at the podium amidst silence. The difference is quite noticeable as the audio just cuts out for a few seconds and then goes back on when he is ready to continue his next point. To see both videos and compare, go to this web site.


Previously FOX has been caught with their pants down before by showing a Tea Party rally being much bigger than it actually was. I can hardly wait till Jon Stewart gets his hands on this segment once his show comes back next week from vacation.

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